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Card machine payments

If your business takes face-to-face payments, we have the right card terminal for you.
Face to Face

Why a card machine?

As society slowly moves away from cash payments and over to card payments, having a card machine on your property gives your customers a more convenient and widely used payment method to purchase your products or services. 

A card machine, also known as a card terminal or PDQ (Processing Data Quickly) machine, accepts payments by debit or credit card. If the customer is on the business premises while making the transaction through a credit card machine, this is called a face-to-face or Cardholder Present payment. 

We can offer three different types of card terminal: wired, wireless and mobile. Each one has different features that could suit the needs of your business and, when combined with an EPOS system, you can take cash and card payments at the same time. 

So, whether your business is run from a shop, stall, van or even your home, there's a card machine for you. 

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Types of POS terminals

G4S Pay can offer three types of card payment terminals, all of which have built-in Chip & Pin technology and accept all major credit and debit cards, including contactless card payments, Apple Pay and Android Pay as standard.

Al of the POS machines are simple to set up, easy for customers to use and PCI DSS Complaint to ensure that all sales are safe and secure.

Once a transaction is complete, with faster payments, the amount can be paid into your account the next working day (3-4 days as standard).

Let's run through the features of each terminal.

Wired card machine

  • Connected through a telephone line or broadband connection.
  • Requires a power socket and a router or telephone line near the till.
  • Reaches as far as the cord will allow.
  • Accesses the banking infrastructure by dialling up or over a fixed broadband connection.
  • Available as a single terminal or separate terminal and PIN pad.

A corded card machine is perfect if you:

  • Only take payments by a till.
  • Require a strong connection.

Portable card machine

  • Takes card payment from different places within your business.
  • Connects via a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.
  • Sends signals to a base station that is wired through a telephone line or router.
  • Use within 100m radius of the base station.
  • Long battery life lets you process many transactions on a single charge.

A wireless card machine is best option if you:

  • Want to take payments away from a fixed till or at multiple pay points, such as a restaurant, cafe or bar.
  • Have a strong Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.
  • Have an open plan premises to avoid blocking the signal.

Mobile card machine

  • Installed with a roaming SIM.
  • Connects to the nearest network.
  • Takes payments anywhere in the UK.

A mobile card payment machine is ideal for your business if you:

  • Trade around the country such as at exhibitions, fairs, markets, etc.
  • Have obstacles that block a signal within your business or weak Wi-Fi.
  • Have large premises.
  • Split your time between working away and working on site.

If you want to accept payments over the phone, but don't have a virtual terminal, you can take card payments over the phone through a card machine. 

Clover EPOS system

If you take cash and card payments, Clover combines a card machine with a till, so you can take both kinds of payments easily.

This is the perfect all-in-one option for face-to-face merchants and is ideal if you're using CASH360 which allows you to credit your account while money from cash transactions is still on site.

How does our card machine service work?

Adding a card machine to your business through G4S Pay couldn't be simpler: 

How does G4S card machine service work

As soon as you register, you'll receive full technical support from our UK-based team at every stage of the process.  

Contact us

If you want to find out more or to register for this service, contact us today.

Card Machine Payment FAQs

How do I take a card payment over the phone?
To take card payments over the phone, you will need to enter the customer’s details into the terminal manually. Once entered, the terminal will process the payment. 
How long does it take for the card machine to be delivered?

3-5 working days

Who provides support for my card terminals?

We have a team who are available 24/7 to support with your card terminals.

My card machine is broken, how do I get a new one?

The tech team will try and resolve the issue, if not then we will order a new device. All terminals come with 12 months warranty. 

NetPay Merchant Services Limited, who are registered with the Card Schemes as an Independent Sales Organisation of First Data Europe Limited, are G4S’s strategic partner for the sale of card processing in the UK. Card processing services are provided by First Data Europe Limited (trading as First Data).

First Data Europe Limited is a global provider of financial services technology and is not part of the G4S group of companies. All applications are subject to First Data Europe Limited's terms and conditions and credit policy. First Data Europe Limited is incorporated in England (company number 02012925) with a registered office at Janus House, Endeavour Drive, Basildon, Essex SS14 3WF. First Data Europe Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as a provider of payment services. ( FCA register No.582703) G4S Cash Solutions (UK) Limited is not providing merchant acquiring services.

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