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Rapid Deployment Surveillance

Securing sites left vacant at short notice and monitoring outdoor spaces round the clock are real challenges. Our range of rapid deployment CCTV Towers are available on a temporary basis at short notice and provide the platform for 24*7 surveillance. 

Rapid deployment surveillance explained

Considering RDS? Watch this short video to choose which tower is right for you.

Rapid Deployment Surveillance Guide

Please download our guide to find out more about what our rapid deployment surveillance services can do for you and how we can help.
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Temporary and Effective Surveillance Solutions

Our CCTV Towers operate autonomously, with no reliance on cabling or power and can be deployed within hours. Supplied with network connectivity, they can be offered together with continuous surveillance from our 24*7 remote monitoring facility.

Ideal for larger perimeters, isolated locations and outdoor spaces, they provide a permanent “eyes on”. Discrete in design, the cameras are designed to operate in harsh conditions and provide high quality video round the clock.

Download our guide for more details or contact us now to discuss in more detail 

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