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Analytics in Physical Security Operations - CPD Session

This one-hour virtual CPD session explored the application and use of analytics in physical security operations. Combining G4S’ expertise with a panel of security industry experts from some of the industry’s leading technology providers’, this session explores how and where analytics should be used in security programmes.
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Monitoring CCTV systems can be very time intensive and costly to ensure that alarms and escalating situations are not missed at any time. In addition, it can be very staff intensive due to the regular rotation of operators required on any shift.

Video Analytics Ease The Burden On Control Room Operators

AI and analytics can help to lighten the burden of the operators by automatically flagging suspicious behaviour and alarms and bringing up relevant cameras to evaluate the situation.

G4S’s design team have many years of experience of integrating analytics into clients’ new or existing CCTV systems and can help you tailor your systems to provide maximum effectiveness

Watch our video on Intelligent Surveillance on this page, to find out more. Alternatively, please contact us if you would like to discuss how G4S might be able to help.

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