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What is Intelligent Surveillance?

If your control room is comprised of multiple screens with security teams watching hours of video from multiple camera feeds over the course of a day, there is a real risk of critical events being missed.

As a result your security operation is likely to be reactive, working after the event rather than spotting suspicious activity as it occurs and intervening.

All this despite employing the best quality, well qualified security officer. 
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The problem is simple. An abundance of information and data far outweighs human ability to process and analyse information on our own. 

And the job is getting harder. 

The more data that needs to be consumed, analysed, evaluated, and investigated, the more challenging it is for security operators to determine what matters most and be as effective and efficient as possible. 

Modern surveillance platforms can help increase the productivity of security personnel and enable effective monitoring of events to facilitate proactive, real-time responses. The diagram below summarises where we are trying to get to. 

Intelligent Surveillance

Look Appealing?

The next stage is to understand how to get there. That’s not so easy. 

Our intelligence surveillance series is a set of weekly blogs that will explain how the diagram above can become the reality, rather than aspiration. 

We’re here to help you make sense of the myriad of information that exists to help you understand how you can use your video surveillance platform to support security staff and deliver the best possible return on your investment. 

We’ll explore how recorded video will become as searchable as the internet - particularly important to retrieve key footage of a person or vehicle of interest. 

We’ll also show the proactive side of security by exploring how alerts can accelerate the identification of people and license plates of interest before an incident occurs. 

So - for anyone with “one eye” on surveillance. This series is for you. 

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