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The PSTN Switchover and What it Means for You - WEBINAR

Date: 24.03.21
Time: 9-10 am

Join our panel of industry experts to discuss the forthcoming PSTN switchover - an industry initiative, led by OpenReach. This webinar will provide you with all the necessary background information and what to do next.


The webinar, which will be run in collaboration with BT and OpenReach, will explain the background to the PSTN change, timelines, associated product and service options and what G4S is doing to help, together with next steps. 

What Exactly is Changing?

The major communication network providers have announced the forthcoming decommissioning of copper-based telephone lines (PSTN and ISDN lines). Although the full switchover will be completed by December 2025, this will be phased up to that date, with exchanges switched over when the exchange area has 75% IP network coverage - up-to-date details regarding switchover plans can be found on our webpage or the BT website.