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PSTN Migration Explained

PSTN Migration Explained

Big changes to the UK telephone network are taking place over the next 4 years, with traditional copper cables being replaced by IP fibre cables. This is the biggest change to the network for over 100 years. Many devices will need to be upgraded or replaced and we are here to help.

This page, and our forthcoming webinars, provides more details of the changes taking place, the equipment potentially affected and how G4S can support you in the switchover. Watch Paul Fitzgerald, our Account Director for Monitoring, explain this in further detail.

WEBINAR: The PSTN Switchover - What it Means for You! 

This webinar will provide you with all the necessary background information and what to do next. 

A list of Latest Exchanges To Switch Over From PSTN To IP

This document is being updated all the time, so please come back regularly to check, if your exchange is not currently shown.

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Full Details Of PSTN Switchover And What It Means For You

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