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Facilities management

G4S Facilities Division is a “One-Stop” shop for all kinds of facility services ranging from general housekeeping to office support, catering to a diverse customer base from Industrial to Commercial.
Facilities management

Facilities Management

Our services covers but not limited to the following:
  • Total Integrated Facilities Management Solutions.
  • General Maintenance Services.
  • Housekeeping and Cleaning.
  • Office Support Services (Office Boy/Girl).
  • Pest Control.
  • Valet Services.
  • Landscaping and Gardening Services.
  • Hospitality Services.
  • Messenger Services.

Total Quality Management:

Facility Services Division is fully committed to “Total Quality” service which is benchmarked by providing professionally trained and higher caliber personnel in adherence with our international standards so as to deliver value-added solutions.
The organization hosts various quality improvements initiatives throughout the year where each employee is made aware of the set standards. Mechanisms are implemented to ensure that these quality standards are maintained.


Focused and skill driven training programs are conducted periodically and is imperative for all staff to attend. Training is not compromised and this primary focus on skill enhancement leads to a better service delivery to our clients.

HSE plays a vital part of all part of all staff training programme and is compulsory for all staff in the Facilities Department to undergo this training and update regularly.


  • The company provides unique solutions to the clients by taking over the burden of recruitment, training and supervision of the support staff, which enables the clients to concentrate on their core business activity.
  • Flexible workforce adjustments to the demands of your business and allows you to prepare for any situation without the overhead of dedicated staff for the same.

  • The company strives to build competence in these none-core areas and provide trained resources to save the managerial time, organizational focus and a trouble free work environment.

  • The benefit is further enhanced by a world class organization which is both accountable and responsible.