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Societal impact

We touch the lives of millions of people every day, providing employment to hundreds of thousands around the world, and delivering crucial services to help keep society safe and secure.
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Delivering against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

We touch the lives of millions of people every day, providing direct employment to hundreds of thousands and delivering crucial services to keep society safe and secure. The United Nations Sustainable Development gaols (UN SDGs) call upon businesses to advance sustainable development through the investments they make, solutions they develop and the practices they adopt.

We identified a range of social and economic impacts where G4S and Allied Universal support the realisation of the goals and makes a positive difference to society and communities around
the globe. We can make the greatest contribution to four UN SDGs and indirectly support the delivery of many more.

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  Achieve gender equality and
empower all women and girls.
Promote sustained and inclusive economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. Take urgent action to
combat climate change and
its impacts.

Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to
justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.


We have a clear commitment
to diversity, equity and inclusion, ensuring opportunities and taking positive steps to ensure representation of women and minorities.

Our aim is to be an employer of choice. Our HR strategy is facilitated by establishing industry-leading employment
Our ambition is to become a net-zero carbon
emissions company by
2050 or sooner, in step
with society.
We play an important role
in society - creating a safe and positive environment in which millions of people live and work.

How we support realization of
Goal 5:

  • Promoting diversity, equity
    and inclusion throughout
    our policies.
  • Commitment to eliminating
    bullying, harassment
    and discrimination in the
  • Increased gender balance in
    leadership roles.
  • Empowering female
    team members through
    information and
    communication technology
    equipment and training.
  • Access to Speak Out
    programs to raise concerns
    about mistreatment.

How we support realization of
Goal 8:

  • Creating technology focused
    and high-skill roles.
  • Creating direct and indirect
    employment opportunities for
    millions of people.
  • Safety programs that are
    reducing workplace injuries
    and fatalities over time,
    particularly in markets
    where the safety culture
    and infrastructure are less
  • Commitment to and
    implementation of
    international labour standards.
  • Providing career
    opportunities through our
    steadfast "promote from
    within culture".

How we support realization of Goal 13:

    • Incorporating adverse
      weather and climate
      change impacts into
      business risk and
      continuity planning.
    • Commitment to
      reducing carbon
      emissions in line with
      science-based targets.
    • Incorporating education
      on climate change
      issues into our net-zero
      carbon strategy.




How we support realization of
Goal 16:

  • Reducing violence, crime and conflict related harm through provision of proactive security services.
  • Enabling the rehabilitation of offenders in our care.
  • Anti-bribery and corruption awareness and procedures, helping to reduce illegal finance flows.
  • Supporting innovation and delivery within public institutions. Commitment to antidiscrimination within our own organization and operational procedures.

Read more in our 2022 sustainability report.

UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals

UK Economic Impact

The breadth and scale of G4Sā€™ operations in the UK mean it has the potential to make a significant impact through the economic value and jobs it generates, whether directly through its own operations or indirectly through its value chain.

G4S UK: Socio-economic impact assessment (2018-19) by Corporate Citizenship. The economic impact of G4S within the United Kingdom (2014-15) (PDF 820.6 KB)2013 analysis (PDF 784.3 KB) and 2012 analysis by Warwick Economics & Development.

Speak Out

One of our core values, Integrity, highlights the importance of always doing the right thing, and our Speak Out Global Hotline, encourages our people to do just that ā€“ to blow the whistle and report concerns about wrongdoing, such as breaches of laws, regulations or company policy.


Speak Out