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Safety and well-being

Our goal of zero harm means that we will always make safety our primary concern. Over the last ten years we have invested more resources to embed a safety culture which is challenging given the nature of what we do and where. 
Employee safety

Our priority is to keep our employees and the customers and communities we serve safe

A large part of keeping people safe is raising awareness of risks and ensuring everyone thinks about safety and acts safely at all times. Being confident to raise concerns if there are problems is also crucial. Our Golden Rules, developed many years ago, reinforce the safe behaviours that we know from experience help ensure everyone goes home safely at the end of their shift. 

In 2022, these Golden Rules were refreshed and reminders sent to help keep them central in people’s minds and to encourage employees to raise concerns about potential unsafe practices which may break these rules. In 2023, a similar refresh of our road safety rules will follow to address the ongoing challenges and risks our employees face with unsafe transport and travel. 

Safety improvement plans are in place for every business with clear ownership at senior levels. Our rules apply to everyone, not just those following them when serving our customers, but also those involved in creating, implementing and overseeing these rules. Our starting point is always, how the incidents have been prevented and so we investigate rigorously to identify root causes and learn from them. Our leaders set the safety culture in their businesses and along with their executive teams strive for delivering safety improvements, maintaining healthy and safe environments and deal with the consequences when things go wrong.

Firearms Safety

By 2022, approximately 22,000 armed positions are required to regularly carry firearms in the course of their official duties. To manage the deployment of these firearms, we have a framework of comprehensive policies, covering a range of issues relating to firearms safety, including their control, procurement, storage and transportation. Regular refresher training, appropriate screening of employees and ongoing maintenance and repair of firearms ensure the safekeeping of both employees and the firearms they use. The implementation of this policy is reviewed through a process of compliance audits and reviews are carried out by the local business and Internal Audit.