The group whistleblowing arrangements provide a valuable opportunity for employees to raise concerns anonymously.
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Every G4S employee has a responsibility to ensure that they uphold our core values, adhere to the law and deliver against the important commitments set out in our business ethics policy and ethics code. One of the key methods of ensuring that we maintain high standards of ethics and integrity is to ensure that employees are able to report concerns that they may have about the business, or the activities of individuals, that they believe contravene our ethics code.

Hosted by an independent specialist hotline and case management provider, Speak Out allows all G4S employees and former employees to raise ethical matters of concern online or via a free telephone service. Both channels are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are completely confidential.

Accompanying Speak Out, we have a range of communication materials to raise awareness and encourage employees to report any concerns or wrongdoing. The case management system enables us to better record, manage and report on whistleblowing cases. This integrated system gives us greater visibility of the issues and what, if any, are the common themes. It offers employees greater visibility of the status of their case and any investigations. Cases of wrongdoing can be reported here.

The ethics steering group will continue to oversee the successful implementation of Speak Out, monitoring its caseload and carrying out as well as carrying out regular review of cases being reported, investigation progress and resulting actions.

We have invested time, effort and resource to promote the use of Speak Out, our anonymous whistleblowing system available to employees globally. During 2018, 519 cases were raised by colleagues
via Speak Out. Our efforts during 2017 and 2018 to create a culture in which people feel confident to speak out and raise ethical concerns using our whistleblowing channels has resulted in a 73%
increase in the number of reports made via Speak Out during 2018.

For more on Anti-Bribery and Corruption, please see here.

Please see our Whistleblowing Policy for further information.

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One of our core values, Integrity, highlights the importance of always doing the right thing, and our Speak Out Global Hotline, encourages our people to do just that – to blow the whistle and report concerns about serious wrongdoing, such as breaches of laws, regulations or company policy.

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