Energy reduction

Many of the services G4S provides to governments, business and communities around the globe include the safe and secure transportation of either people or valuable material
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Energy reduction - fleet

In order to provide our customers and their communities with a safe and secure environment, we utilise a fleet of approximately 22,000 vehicles, including security patrol vehicles, prisoner escort vehicles and armoured cash transportation vehicles. It is this fleet that produces some 61% of our carbon emissions and where we focus our primary efforts to reducing our energy consumption.

Since 2009, we have been introducing a range of fuel efficiency measures into our fleet management, from real-time monitoring of driver behaviour and eco-driver training to investing in new technologies such as solar cells to power ancillary systems, stop-start systems and vehicle replacement programmes to introduce lighter and more efficient alternatives G4S’ Retail Cash Solutions technology results in 40-60% fewer journeys by cash transportation vehicles saving on fuel costs and helping reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions.


G4S occupies a wide range of buildings across the globe, covering more than 1.1 million square metres. Our facilities include corporate offices, employee accommodation, detention centres, industrial cash processing centres and vehicle depots.

Around 34.3% of our carbon emissions are generated by the energy and fuel consumption from these buildings and so we continually carry out a series of replacement programmes to implement lower energy environmental solutions wherever possible.


Emission Type Unit 2017  2018
Electriciity (Grid) kWh 174,021,232 183,612,354
Fuel kWh 46,896,443 67,984,992
Litre 572,434,339 875,458,855
Tonne 128  90.4

Reducing energy in our UK business

The G4S UK fleet utilises satellite tracking to enable real-time monitoring and feedback on driver behaviour, reducing traffic accidents and increasing fuel efficiency.
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Carbon and energy management 

Our experienced consultants carry out hundreds of energy and carbon surveys a year, as well as designing and project managing the delivery of over £500,000 of energy retrofit projects each year.