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Cash Management

Whether you are looking to move, process or deliver cash, we know the importance of secure cash collection and safely depositing cash into banks.
Cash processing team

Cash Collection Services

Our Cash-In-Transit (CIT) is the secure, physical transportation or collection of banknotes and coins, from one place to another. 

This cash collection service uses trained security professionals and a fleet of armoured transport trucks to pick up cash at your chosen location. From the moment your cash is collected and transported it's our responsibility, so you have peace of mind. 

We’re able to offer convenient cash pickup times to businesses of all sizes of. Our cash collection services are tailored to meet the needs of your business, meaning we'll work with you to create an individual cash collection plan.

Many of our customers combine these cash collection services with our cash deliveries and cash processing services. That means we can deliver money in the denominations you need at the same time as collecting a deposit. Once we have made a collection, we can then take it to one of our cash centres to be counted and added to your bank account.

G4S Cash Management operates in 30 countries, covering 20 businesses delivering both CIT and Cash processing services. Our strategy is to provide industry leading software, hardware, systems and services that improve the security, control and efficiency of our customers’ cash processing and management.

ATM Services

In addition to our cash collection services, G4S offers ATM solutions and engineering combining the supply and installation of cutting-edge technology with service excellence to provide holistic, multi-vendor supply, maintenance, refurbishment and technical support services. This includes the supply and maintenance of self-service cash acceptance and dispensing devices, and other non-cash devices and equipment.