Employee engagement

Our performance is underpinned by our people and values. In order to deliver on our goals in such a people-based business, we need highly motivated and engaged employees who believe in the company and do their best to provide our customers with great service every day.

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2015 - Engagement Survey

The feedback from over 449,000 employees who completed the employee engagement survey in 2015 provided many ideas on how to improve employee retention.

We believe that motivated and highly engaged employees are more likely to work harder and stay longer, so the survey is a critical opportunity to assess levels of engagement and find out what really matters to our employees.

We want to know what they think of G4S as an employer and what they feel the company needs to do more of, less of, and differently in order to improve their working day. As this was the fourth global engagement survey, the results tracked improvements and also provided feedback from employees on new questions.

Overall, the feedback was positive and all questions had a favourable response rate in excess of 76%, with a number, including those relating to fair treatment, personal development and effective communications, showing an increase in favourable responses since 2013. 

2017 - Engagement Survey

We are in no doubt that having well-trained, engaged and motivated employees helps us to deliver for our customers and make G4S a success. Consequently, we invest a lot of time and effort in listening to our employees’ views and responding to their feedback. We do this in a variety of ways including direct dialogue, consultation forums and our employee survey. To ensure the survey is accessible to all employees, it is offered in over 40 languages and three formats (paper, online and mobile). Engagement levels for senior managers were also tested in a separate survey targeted at the leadership team. Response rates for both surveys remained high in 2017.

In the case of the global engagement survey in 2017 the response rate at 73% was at the same level as 2015 and for the leadership survey was higher at 87%, compared with 85% in 2015. Feedback from the global survey helps identify what businesses need to stop doing, start doing and continue to do to improve levels of employee engagement. The feedback from the management survey showed improvements in almost every area, suggesting high levels of confidence and support for the business strategy, our values and the executive team.

employee engagement

Our 2017 employee survey showed levels of engagement remain high, with 84% of employees providing a favourable response.

Our next employee engagement survey

We look forward to reporting on the results from our next global survey in 2020.
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Employee Turnover

Overall employee retention continues to improve with voluntary employee turnover reducing to 25.3% in 2017 (2016: 27.6%).
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our communities

In 2017 the company made grants of over £126,000 from the Employee Trust Fund in cases where employees had experienced hardship following a serious injury, illness or natural disaster.
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