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Cash Solutions

Focused on cash management and cash technology
Cash technology

Cash Solutions strategy:

  • Following the sale of the majority of our conventional cash businesses the Group will be more focused on providing innovative retail technology solutions such as Retail
    Cash Solutions, SA-Deposita and G4SPay.
  • We have the opportunity to drive outsourcing of cash handling work for banks and retailers and improve efficiency and unit costs in our remaining conventional cash businesses.

A more focused business following the sale of the majority of the conventional cash businesses.

Conventional cash

Our remaining conventional cash businesses account for 4% of the Group’s revenues in 2019. Around three quarters of that relates to the UK Cash Solutions business. We have a leading position in the UK market, and believe we are ideally placed to be the natural aggregator of bank processing volumes as banks look to outsource cash processing. The remaining quarter of conventional Cash Solutions revenues is spread across 27 countries around the world. These businesses are individually small and highly integrated with, and hosted by, our Secure Solutions businesses which provide cost synergies for both businesses. 

Unique customer value proposition

 Retail Technology Solutions includes Retail Cash Solutions, CASH360 and South Africa-Deposita. The benefits these technology solutions provide to customers are summarised in the graphic below:

Unique customer value proposition


G4S Cash Solutions

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