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Cash Technology

We provide tailored end-to-end cash, self-service, and payment management solutions for our customers and merchants in the retail, wholesale and banking sectors. Through in-depth consultative conversations, we ensure every security need is met and exceeded every step of the way.
Deposita Cash Technology


CASH360 is a secure and integrated cash management and cash collection service from G4S. If your business accepts payments by cash, you could be spending extra money per year on managing cash flow processes. CASH360 reduces these costs while increasing security and efficiency.

The CASH360 service involves the installation of one of our smart cash safes with an electronic audit system on your business premises, which is then linked to integrated software. When cash is deposited into the smart safe, the amount will be credited into your bank account while the notes and coins are still on site. Then, with the software, you can see your cash flow – from physical, online and terminal sales – in real-time.


Our Deposita devices run on our industry-leading, international accredited operating platform. Your device and financial information are as secure as money in the bank. You can also monitor your device and its transactions from anywhere – completely automating your cash flow. We even incorporate existing systems and partner with current security services providers to create the best possible solution.

To ensure you get the most out of your device and cash management solution, you and your staff will receive comprehensive training at a location that suits you. Plus, we’ll provide you with customised operating manuals to meet your business’s specific requirements.

Find out more about our cash management solutions in North America here.

For our cash management solutions, merchant solutions and self service accelerator in South Africa, please visit the website here.

G4S Pay Go!

G4S Pay GO! is our off-the-shelf, pre-packaged payments solution, specifically tailored to our UK market. This solution incorporates both cash and card, allowing merchants with simple requirements to get up and running quickly with a pre-built integrated solution.

With G4S Pay GO!, you can also connect online payments to your terminal and telephone or mail order payments, giving you one integrated system for all your transactions.

Visit the G4S Pay GO! webpage to find out more.