The company was founded airport services in 1981 and considered these services a distinctive services provided across the kingdom where the company provides ground handling and loading and unloading aircraft and cleanliness services and pest control in all airports, whether local or international inside the kingdom, as the company provides management and technical professional team specialized to do business in Saudi support different carriers, the company is proud to provide services to assist passengers with disabilities and special needs of different airports, so as to help them to travel without any trouble.

Ground Handling Services Contains:

  • Aircrafts Push Pack
  • Provision of Air Condition & Air start Unit to the aircrafts
  • Provision of Ground Power Unit
  • Head seat
  • Marshaling the aircrafts
  • Provision of toilet and water services to the aircraft
  • Passenger stairs services
  • Offloading and loading the aircrafts
  • Passenger’s baggage screening
  • Aircrafts cleaning (Inside)

Provision of admin and technical skilled staff & supporting services

Mail services

Aircrafts cleaning (outside )

Crew & technical staff transporting inside ramp

Cargo Services:

  • Shipments Loading & offloading, Building, Belting, moving between sections & storing.
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