Housekeeping Services

almajal G4S is providing professional housekeeping services to all market segments

One of the impacts of modern age on humanity is the demand for hygienic living conditions and working environment. Schools, hospitals, banks, commercial centers, office buildings and many other facilities require constant care in order to prevent contamination, the spread of disease and retain healthy environment. With this concept in mind, almajal G4S provides professional housekeeping services to all market segments. These services are managed by experienced project managers and supervisors for more than 30 years, and performed by a well-trained workforce equipped with the latest management systems and know-how.

Our Competitive Advantages:

  • Our Professional Workforces Highly Trained and Customer Service Oriented.
  • We Utilize Proper Systems, Technology, Know-How, Tools and Equipment.
  • We Use EPA-Registered, Safe, and Cost Effective Chemicals.
  • We Apply Strict Quality Control Measures.
  • We Respect Our Customers’ Opinion in Service and Provide Them with Proper Solutions.
  • We Reduce Cost Incurred by Our Customers and Assist Them to Optimally Use Their Resources.

Operational Methodology:

  • Identify Our Customer Needs and Objectives with The lowest cost and highest quality standards.
  • Customize A Service Program to Suite Our Customer Requirements.
  • Guarantee Our Service.

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