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Group 4 Securicor unveils global sports programme

Group 4 Securicor, the international security solutions group, today launched an innovative global sports programme to support the next generation of sports stars, the G4S 4teen.
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G4S will support a group of aspiring young athletes from around the world as they seek to fulfil their potential on sport’s biggest stages over the coming years. Mentored by inspirational double Olympic Gold medallist Haile Gebrselassie, the initiative will provide support to the athletes as they seek to realise a common Olympic dream and in doing so help inspire the next generation of young athletes to take up sport.

For the last six months, G4S has undertaken a worldwide search for a group of promising young athletes from their developing markets in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. Working closely with National Olympic Committees and leading sports bodies, fourteen inspirational young sportsmen and women who demonstrated the strong set of values required to develop and compete at the highest level, values synonymous with those of G4S, have been identified.

“Sport was chosen as the foundation from which to develop this programme as a result of its power to engage, ignite and unify people’s passions regardless of their nationality, gender, language or religion”, commented Debbie McGrath, Director of Communications at G4S.

“The G4S family is extremely proud to be uniting behind our team of promising young athletes, ably led by an inspirational global ambassador of the stature of Haile Gebrselassie. The journey that we will be joining them on over the coming years will be challenging, exciting and most of all rewarding as we endeavour to support them and inspire hundreds of thousands of people.”

A truly eclectic mix of international talent, G4S 4teen is made up of athletes from countries as diverse as Kazakhstan and Colombia and includes a host of Junior Champions from a range of sporting disciplines including sailing, BMX, cycling, table tennis and track and field.

Each member of the team will enjoy the ongoing support of their local G4S office and the global G4S family, a support crew of over 480,000. In addition to receiving financial support enabling them to focus on training for, and competing at, junior and world championships, G4S will also provide training in key life skills, language skills and help to raise their profile at home and abroad.

A fitting global ambassador who epitomises all that is good about sport, Haile Gebrselassie recognises the benefit that G4S’ commitment will have for his G4S 4teen team members as well as its knock on effect around the world, "As I know from the early years of my career, it is essential that young athletes receive the help and support they need to develop and succeed at the highest level. Also the friendship, respect and understanding of other athletes and cultures that they will acquire will be invaluable. I am honoured to have been asked to help these young athletes during such an important stage in their career and with their help, I hope that we can also inspire many more young athletes to enjoy the benefits that sport can bring.”

The newly launched G4S 4teen is the flagship initiative of an overall global sports and community development programme being implemented by G4S that encourages their local businesses throughout the world to support sporting initiatives within their own communities. A programme that is allowing a number of national governing bodies and community sports clubs to benefit from a broad range of support.

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For further information, please contact:

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