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G4S Wackenhut Receives “Product of the Year” Award

Secure Trax™ powerful new technology increases Security Officers’ ability to protect people and property

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL – March 30th, 2009

A powerful new piece of technology small enough to fit in the palm of your hand is making security officers much more versatile in their duties. Secure Trax™ has earned “Product of the Year” in the handheld devices category at GOVSEC, the annual government security expo and conference held in Washington, DC. Developed in-house exclusively by G4S Wackenhut security experts, Secure Trax™ completely automates many typical security communications functions, and places these tools in the palm of a security officer’s hand.

Secure Trax™ is a state of the art security management and administration application utilizing PDA units that are fully integrated security solutions built upon the latest mobile computing technology. The unit provides detailed and reliable incident notification in real-time. In addition, this technology adds value to other areas of the organization – such as facilities and risk management, legal, safety, engineering and building services departments – by capturing and disseminating data that is vital to these functional units and has historically proven difficult or impossible to capture in real time.

“Ultimately, Secure Trax™ can lead not only to tighter security, but also to cost savings by replacing multiple pieces of equipment that have functioned as separate and disconnected systems in the past,” according to Robert Burns, Senior Vice President for U.S. Sales and Marketing at G4S Wackenhut, based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

“It helps in so many ways, from risk management to knowing exactly where our guards are, to real-time incident notification. I’m thrilled with how easy it is to use, and there is nothing else like it on the market” says Bill Strothers; Director of Corporate Security for Weingarten Realty.

Utilizing Secure Trax™, G4S Wackenhut Custom Protection Officer® (“CPO”) personnel can access applications for Automated Check in/Check out verification, GPS Tracking with geo-fencing functionality, real-time incident notification and, using RFID technology, tour watch needs. The unit also serves as a mobile communications device, with cell phone service, push-to-talk capability, text messaging and a panic alarm notification.

In the past, without the use of technology to speed processes, timely incident notification and reporting took longer. After an incident, CPO’s were required to fill a report, and then turn that in for supervisory review. Managers would then compile those reports to accompany a summary report to present that information and corresponding data to the client.

Secure Trax™ allows for immediate direct reporting from the field to the client. This allows the client the ability to make an instant decision regarding remedial action. Incident data is also captured on a secure server, allowing customers to run reports and analyze trends at any time.

A customized safety inspection application is also available with this device, enabling timely review with reports sent electronically to the right individuals or departments. Mass communication is easy with enhanced email capabilities. This is a vital asset in case of emergency. Affected individuals and management teams learn of potential crisis as it happens. Direct EMS notification is also provided.

It’s easy to see why this multi-tasking hand-held workhorse is garnering praise and awards within government and security sectors. Secure Trax™ represents a revolutionary technological tool, conceptualized and developed entirely by and for G4S Wackenhut.

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