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The Secrets to Haile's Success

Double Olympic Champion, marathon world-record holder and G4S 4teen mentor Haile Gebrselassie sat down with Susannah Palk (CNN) to discuss his motivations for running, the principles that keep him going, and how these can be applied to the business world

Spanning two decades, Haile’s running career is still going strong and shows no sign of slowing down. The 38-year-old marathon specialist will take on the Vienna Half Marathon this weekend in a unique chase race where he will attempt to catch the marathon field, who will have a head start, over the races’ first half.

However, Haile’s success is not only limited to sport. As one of the most successful businessmen in his native Ethiopia, Haile owns and runs a number of local businesses, ranging from area schools to Hyundai cars. He discusses how his marathon training and preparation can be translated into skills to help advance a career in any profession.

Find out the secrets to Haile’s success in this exclusive interview with CNN: