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HEMA opts for G4S cash management solutions

Dutch retail outlet HEMA is switching to G4S' end-to-end retail cash management solutions

The service provider has developed a cash cycle solution that is tailored to Hemas 240 stores.

The transition to G4S will achieve significant efficiency and security gains for HEMA. The organisations have signed a seven-year collaborative agreement.

The 50 biggest stores will be switching to the fully automated CASH360 system by the end of this year. This automated solution takes care of all behind-the-scenes transactions, from replenishing and counting the tills to secure cash transportation. For the remaining 190 stores, G4S has developed a semi-automated process that promotes efficient cash processing and distribution.

(Semi) automated cash cycle management solutions minimise the risk of fraud and theft. Furthermore, greater operational efficiency translates into significant cost savings. Cash management and processing are also less prone to human error.

“The implementation of the new cash solution demonstrates that HEMA is firmly focussed on the future, including in its cash handling procedures”, says Gert Askes, Managing Director Netherlands and Belgium. Gert underlined the business benefits, adding “This transition allows the organisation to benefit from substantial safety and efficiency gains: greater automation reduces the time and manual effort involved in cash processing. In addition, G4S solution enables tighter control of cash flows and incidents of internal fraud and theft.”

About CASH360: optimisation of the cash cycle

CASH360 is the fully automated cash management solution of G4S. The system optimises the entire cash management cycle, from till replenishment to deposits. The computer counts the till at the beginning and the end of the shift. The daily takings are registered, and the cash is immediately deposited in a safe.

From that moment on, the cash is under lock and key and fully secured. Only G4S can access the cash, eliminating the likelihood of a successful robbery. Staff members can still request small change via the system, recycling coins and notes within the store. Depending on the content of the safe, the system will automatically generate a G4S cash transportation schedule.

CASH360 is used by major retailers, supermarkets, petrol stations and the hotel and the catering industry. Cash management solutions are also being developed to meet a growing demand in the SME segment.

For more information visit the G4S Netherlands website