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G4S 4teen athletes visit Bogota for Training Camp

Mariana Pajón, Sebastián Jahnsen and Juan Maegli join G4S for a week in Colombia
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Three G4S 4teen athletes participated in the 2011 G4S 4teen Regional Training Camp in Bogota, Colombia, last week. Colombian BMX biker Mariana Pajón joined G4S 4teen teammates, Guatemalan sailor Juan Maegli and Peruvian swimmer Sebastián Jahnsen, at the week-long event, which gave Mariana a chance to show off her home country.

The week started off with a cooking course where the athletes learned how to make traditional Colombian dishes. Juan impressed everyone in the kitchen with his already-refined cooking skills, while Sebastián was surprised to discover that he possessed some finesse in the kitchen. The three athletes enjoyed their time learning about Colombian food and sat down together to enjoy the meal that they had prepared.

That afternoon the three athletes took part in a press conference at the residence of the British Ambassador in Bogota. After their recent results at the Pan American Games, the conference was attended by around 40 media houses from Colombia.

The three athletes were extremely popular and their stories about being in G4S 4teen were of great interest to all journalists. That evening, the athletes were the focus of a prestigious event, which was also held in a stunning marquee in the grounds of the residence of the British Ambassador in Bogota.

Attended by 250 VIP guests, including G4S customers, the athletes shared their experiences of being in the global team with the guests before meeting them all later in the evening.

The next day the three athletes joined G4S Colombia employees to listen to an impressive motivational talk made by Nelson Cardona, the first South American amputee to climb Mount Everest. The athletes then joined Nelson on stage to answer some questions and assist in drawing the winners of an internal competition live on stage.

G4S employees weren’t the only ones to be presented with a gift from the three athletes. Juan, Mariana and Sebastián were part of a very special presentation to Sabio Caldos school, a charity funded organisation in one of Bogota’s underprivileged areas.

The students were surprised with 40 brand new computers and a wide array of sports equipment that were officially given to the school by the athletes and G4S Colombia’s country manager, Juan Francisco Mejia.

After handing over their thank you notes the children then enjoyed a unique opportunity to play a number of different sports and activities with the three G4S 4teen athletes. The day then ended with all of the school’s 1042 children watching Mariana give a BMX display to the thrilled children.

The final day of the camp saw Juan, Sebastián and Mariana take to the waters in Laser sailing boats. Led by Laser sailor Juan, the other two picked up the new sport extremely quickly and, despite four capsizes in the cold water, the three athletes enjoyed a fun morning together learning another team member’s sport.

We had a fantastic week in Colombia and we’d like to thank Mariana, Sebastián and Juan for attending the 2011 G4S 4teen Regional Training Camp, and G4S Colombia for all of their help in making it happen.

We look forward to reuniting them again in London this summer and wish them the best of luck in their training and competitions until then.