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G4S award for global intranet launch strategy

G4S, the world’s leading international secure outsourcing group, has been named the winner of the ‘Best Intranet Launch Strategy’ award by an industry leading organisation
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The award, which was presented at the Intranet Excellence Awards during the Interaction 2012 Intranet conference, aims to recognise the importance of corporate intranets as a key channel of employee engagement and communication.

G4S’ ‘Hub’ was launched in July 2011 to serve its 650,000-strong diverse workforce across the globe in various capacities. The company was commended for its innovative use of online and offline tools as part of the launch strategy.

The ‘Hub’ is a single source for all Group-based resource and supports the company’s regional businesses. It was developed with the principal aim of creating a central repository of group information, providing clear signposts to G4S tools and systems to prevent duplication of effort.

The core digital team adopted a phased approach for their intranet launch. It engaged editors and contributors during each stage of roll-out, enabling the development of a relevant and appropriate portal for each of the business’ 125 locations across the globe.

The final launch was supported by wider internal marketing activities which included competitions, quizzes and the development of a broad suite of marketing collateral.

Charlotte Borthwick, digital communications executive, G4S plc said: “We are delighted to win this award. With such a diverse workforce, it is always important for us to ensure that we are developing systems that work across multiple regions where people will have very different requirements.

“For this to work, we knew that engagement needed to start at the first development stage of the process, which is why we ensured that a broad base of employees were involved from the very outset.”

Nigel Williams, community manager, Interact said: “We particularly liked G4S’ method of providing general launch collateral to multiple countries with the freedom to add a local touch, making The Hub people centric, not business generic. Creating a team of web editors proved a quick and effective method of sharing knowledge, good practice and lessons learned.”