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G4S keeps and grows Oslo contract

G4S, the world’s leading international secure outsourcing group, has been awarded a £250 million contract to provide security services at Oslo Airport in Norway for the next six years
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G4S will be responsible for securing the terminal and providing services inside its perimeter.

The company will provide services such as security checks for all crew, goods, cargo and for the airport’s 21.1million passengers every year until 2019.

As part of a major redevelopment, Oslo Airport (OSL) will increase its capacity significantly by 2017, when terminal space will be expanded by 117,000sq metres, incorporating a new pier and a new baggage handling facility. G4S will be responsible for a number of key facilities including providing security service of all outdoor gates and grounds.

The company has been working in partnership with OSL since 2008, providing more than 750 staff for a variety of security roles.

David Stockton, director, G4S Global Aviation solutions, said: “We are delighted to have won this contract, it shows how successful we have been in delivering security and a wide variety of additional support services to Oslo Airport.

“Our business model is based on the understanding that we must deliver a service that complements the work of our partners at Oslo airport. We have a strong relationship with our partners at OSL and we’re looking forward to improving our services to the customer in the coming six years.”

Nic Nilsen, executive director of Oslo airport, added: “We take our security responsibilities very seriously and are proud to create an airport that is safe and efficient for all of our passengers. Together with G4S, we are looking forward to further improving our services and maintaining the excellent provision we already have.”

Oslo Airport has been named Europe’s most punctual airport four times by the AEA (Association of European Airlines) - 92% of travellers at OSL pass through G4S security at the airport in five minutes or less.

G4S is the world’s largest secure outsourcing group and lists airports such as Brussels, CATSA Canadian Pacific region and Amsterdam Schiphol amongst its portfolio of customers.