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Independent Israel Review

An essential element of the group’s human rights policy is a commitment by the Board to keep the risks of human rights impacts of the company under regular review and for the Board to take action to mitigate any areas where human rights risks exist

Since 2011, G4S has conducted a series of reviews in relation to its business in Israel.

This latest independent review was commissioned by the Board in February 2014 and carried out in April and May 2014.

The review consists of two parts – a legal opinion in assessing G4S business in the context of human rights and humanitarian law and an assessment of G4S activities in the region, in relation to international human rights standards and the company’s own human rights policy.

The review authors have agreed to publish the key findings of the review in the interests of transparency and accessibility. 

This key findings report was produced by independent professional experts following an extensive review of G4S's business in Israel. G4S did not influence the findings contained within this report.

The review findings can be accessed here and you can find out more about our approach to Human Rights in our CSR section