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Monitoring Credentials

G4S is able to monitor and remotely manage your sites, to provide you with the comfort that your sites are being watched whilst the offices are empty. However, you do not need to take our word for it as the facts speak for themselves.
Control Room

G4S Market Leading Monitoring Station

  • 24/7/365 Fully Accredited Monitoring Centre, based in Belfast
  • Fully Resilient With Disaster Recovery Site 

  • 64,000 Connections Monitored 

  • Highly Accredited 

  • Operate in Close Partnership with G4S Mobile Response Teams 

  • Response counted in seconds We respond to all the high-priority cases in seconds. Utilising industry leading Sentinel+ platform to provide full audit trail & reporting

  • Our high-redundancy, in-house, data centers give us the capability of handling tens of thousands of alarm signals each month.

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