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Cash solutions

With an unrivalled geographic footprint and first-hand knowledge and experience in cash management, G4S is the preferred cash related service provider across the country. 
cash solutions

The G4S Cash division offers: 

Cash Transportation (CIT) 
The secure transportation of cash, valuables and documents using high security vehicles, fully screened and trained personnel and purpose-built technology to transport, protect, count and reconcile the cash to customer records. Our clients have the option of a dedicated cash vehicle. 

ATM Logistics
Managing ATM's on behalf of banks, and retailers - including cash forecasting, cash transportation and reconciliation services, first line maintenance and ATM engineering services.

FOREX collection / delivery

Wage Packaging and Distribution

G4S collects payroll details, prepares wage packets for individuals and conducts a payout parade under security surveillance.

Cash Distribution (NGOs, Corporate, FI, etc.)

Secure Overnight Vaulting
After banking hours/evening collection of cash from retail outlets and overnight/temporary storage of cash in our specially built vaulting facility.

Teller / Cashier services (Corporate, FI, Cash Office Outsourcing, Events)