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CSR Qatar

Corporate Social Responsibility - the G4S Qatar Way

Here in G4S Qatar, we celebrate our success by giving back to the community. We pledge allegiance to corporate social responsibility, upholding a high level of accountability for the impact that we make in the society. We adhere to policies that integrate responsible practices into our operations that aim to improve lives while preserving cultural values and protecting the human rights. We are advocates of environmental sustainability and national economic stability. Preparing a better world for the future generations is an essential guiding force in our day to day dealings.

Community Development

G4S exists for equitable business sealed with genuine service. With our first-rate products and service provisions, we seek to touch lives and create a positive global impact by contributing to the development and progress of communities within and outside the organization.

Employee Welfare
Considering our manpower as our core strength, we regard our employees’ welfare as our top priority. We sustain a conducive, worry-free, and healthy environment that enables them to work productively and develop holistically.   We provide open-line communication and we make sure that the benefits and welfare programs comply with the standards set by the governing bodies in Qatar.

G4S Qatar celebrated HSE Activities such as “Paperless Day,” “Medical Check-up Day” and “Plantation Day” from 16th August 2016 to 18th August 2016, under the initiative of CEO, Dr. Saif Al Hajri in coordination with Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) department and special participation of Mr. Nathan Seal, Regional Health & Safety Director (G4S - Asia Pacific, Middle East & India) in bringing awareness to G4S employees and the society at large.

Paperless Day

As the paper industry is one of the biggest contributors to climate change, and in support to the globally, G4S

Qatar once again offered a day off from printing with the aim to reduce its environmental carbon footprint even for just one day. The purpose of this was to encourage the employees to review and reduce their daily paper usage and printing activities, and to make them realize that they can contribute in saving the earth in their own little way. G4S management desires to reduce waste and encourage a more resource savvy approach in doing business. On 18th August 2016, we celebrated Paperless Day, initiated by HSE team and participated by indirect staff from headquarter.

Medical Check-Up Day 

The annual physical check is a part of our employee health programs, for both direct and indirect staff. On 18th of August 2016, HSE department conducted an Annual Health Check-up day for Events Division’s direct employees at Muaither Clinic. The regional Health & Safety Director also witnessed the said activity and has given his appreciation to the HSE team for their effort and initiative to promote healthy lifestyle among our employees.

The medical check includes blood pressure test, eye test, glucose check, BMI calculation and general physical examination by Al Anab Clinic doctor and nurses. Everyone was given a report and medical advice on how to maintain healthy body, mind and soul.

Plantation Day

Planting a tree is a great way to celebrate Environmental Day. When people plant trees they are doing more than just beautifying an area. Trees are beneficial to the environment in numerous ways. They help produce oxygen and filter out pollutants to clean the air we breathe. In addition, trees also help preserve water levels in the soil. On the 16th August 2016, Mr. Nathan Seal took part in planting a tree at G4S accommodation in Al Khor together with HSE Manager, MSS Al Khor Branch Manager and G4S employees.

 The aforementioned activities was intended to move from “raising awareness” to action and help make a positive change in the people’s attitude and behavior towards environment through practical application. G4S Qatar, being a responsible organization is committed to create awareness among its employees to work safely, make a healthy workforce and build an eco-friendly working environment by utilizing its best capacity in making G4S greener, safer and healthier.