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Customer service redefined at G4S – WeCare comes in existence
G4S, WeCare

Our value statement: 
We have a close and open relationship with our customers which generates trust. We work in partnership for overall benefit of our organization.

WeCare is more than a department – it is about our “People”. Policies, standards, procedures, objectives and targets are all important; However, none of them alone can deliver our vision of “Customer Satisfaction”. An integrated concerted approach is required to build a culture where customer delight is the norm in all areas.

On our journey towards our vision, everyone needs to know that they can contribute and make a difference. Ideally, we want to create workplaces where all employees have the knowledge, competence and desire to achieve the same.

Over the coming 2 years our priority would be to build a customer centric organization which will primarily be driving the 2 important messages our customers have shared with us:

• Respond in time ­ every time
• Know its customer’s customer and be a valued partner

This will help us achieve a healthy customer VOC and 100% complaint management.