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H1 2015 Comparative Data

G4S plc, the world’s leading global integrated security company, provides comparative data for H1 2015 reflecting disclosure of continuing businesses, portfolio businesses and onerous contracts, updated for FX movements, ahead of its half year results announcement on 10 August 2016
G4S Van

The H1 2015 results are shown below at the average actual exchange rates to 30 June 2016 to aid comparison with the H1 2016 results that will be published on 10 August:

£m  Continuing business  Onerous Contracts  Portfolio businesses  Statutory* 
Revenue  2,936  124  407  3,467 
PBITA 184  190 

*Presented at average exchange rates to June 2016

If June 2016 closing exchange rates were applied, PBITA from continuing businesses would have been 6% higher at £195m for H1 2015.