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A Loved Brand Secured From Harm

G4S is proud to support a leading multinational corporation that manufactures luxury vehicles and motorcycles across eight UK locations.
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This customer’s main manufacturing plant is divided into six individual sites. The largest site of the multi-million pound contract, based in Oxford, is a major production plant and therefore an environment tightly controlled by The Control of Major Accident Hazards or COMAH.

Given the nature of the operation, safety and security are closely linked. With this in mind, the customer tasked G4S with the delivery of a variety of services including:

  • The management of a specialist, safety incident response team which included a dedicated service team for first aid, firefighting and environmental emergencies
  • Delivery of a security guarding service to protect operations at the manufacturing plant facilities
  • Real-time remote monitoring of alarms and CCTV throughout the customers’ estate, with response coordination using the security and safety incident response teams.

In addition, G4S were asked to mobilise the contract in a demanding 27-day period, retaining existing employees as a key priority.

The Goals

In the case of this project, G4S identified some clear objectives:

  • Creation of a specialist incident response team - To provide emergency assistance when required
  • Real time alarm and CCTV monitoring - To deliver a proactive security service
  • Provide clear and transparent performance data - To demonstrate the impact of security

The Solution

The key components of the G4S solution were made up of the following:

A Dedicated First Response Team
G4S are the first line of defence for all medical, environmental, and fire-related incidents or emergencies for every site across the contract. G4S employed 50 first responders who are known as Plant Protection Officers. Their role includes:

  • First Response Emergency Care or FREC (Pronounced FRECK)- employees have undertaken Level 3 training which allows them to manage medical trauma, fire, and environmental emergencies
  • Operation of a fire tender on site, which is a pod vehicle that contains firefighting equipment, first aid resources, and spill kits, which our officers are trained to use
  • Confined space incident response and rescue. Officers are trained to investigate any hazardous environmental spills or incidents that may occur in the site sewage network

Control Room Operations
G4S operates an onsite control room that coordinates with our dedicated first responders, to manage any alarm activations, hazards spotted by employees, guards, or CCTV, i.e. by sending our Plant Protection Officers to manage an environmentally hazardous spill, the control room can coordinate with our team and local stakeholders such as the police, fire brigade, and ambulance services,
until the incident is resolved.

Front of House Services
The customer places huge value on customer service and security trained G4S employees to provide concierge services to ensure that customers and contractors receive the welcome that you would expect from a luxury brand.

Remote Alarm Monitoring & Mobile Incident Response
At outlying sites without a full-time security presence, G4S staff use an IP connection to permanently monitor building alarms and use their nationwide network of security professionals to attend to the site if an incident occurs. Supplier transition for large security contracts can often be a daunting task. Operating with over 120 staff, this contract was no different, especially given the time frames involved.

G4S teams worked closely with the customer to create a clear mobilisation plan which provided full transition details, including employee liaison and transfer of all existing HR details. An equipment tracker ensured that each employee member operated with suitable equipment to perform their role.

In order to help with the transition of employees, G4S conducted group presentations and employee roadshows at all sites in partnership with the customer. These presentations addressed employee queries and reaffirmed our commitment to their development. Part of the mobilisation involved performing a training gap analysis, which identified any training or development individuals needed.

The Results

The success of our mobilisation plan was clearly evident by nearly all staff transitioning to G4S (99%). Operationally, we were delighted when the Oxford plant (which contains six sites) delivered 100% performance for all contract KPIs, for six consecutive months.

External audits have subsequently referenced our management of COVID-19 controls, outstanding risk management controls and positive close working relationship with the customer.


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