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Financial System Security in Brazil

A Brazilian financial industry customer struggled with standardisation across locations and was hampered by a low level of operational management. G4S took on the task of resolving these challenges.


A G4S customer in its Brazilian market is a company in the financial sector that specialises in lending its expertise in financial systems control. The company is best known for its work in standardising reports and forms, creating single registration forms and providing speed in banking decisions. As part of cooperative action between several banks, the company is a key cog in Brazil’s financial industry.

The company had some struggles; however, with its security and facilities management. Specifically, there was a significant challenge with standardising procedures and a low level of operational leadership from its previous service provider. The customer’s head of facilities was spending an inordinate amount of time managing vendor tasks, which was time that could be better spent focusing on other functions. The customer was determined to solve this issue, so it approached G4S, seeking a proposal for its services.


The customer’s primary objective was to partner with a vendor that possesses the unique ability to operate self-sufficiently in its facilities management role. This would alleviate the issue of the customer’s internal head of facilities being tasked with responsibilities that the vendor should handle.

Discussions between the customer and G4S would set the structure for G4S’s involvement. The resulting goal was for G4S to become a legitimate partner with the customer, acting as a self-sufficient facilities management (FM) and guarding services provider. The goal, simply stated, was to remove the customer’s stress by taking on a significant role in its operations.


Before deploying any solution, G4S visited the customer’s facilities. This provided a much deeper understanding of the customer’s pain points than it could convey in remote conversations. Based on this visit, G4S could identify the necessary structure needed to deliver the customer’s expected services, while adhering to the agreed-upon budget.

G4S then developed a management control procedure for all customer sites. G4S provided a single point of contact on its operational management team. This streamlined the management structure and maintained a standardised level of service across sites.

To provide a structure for management, G4S developed a structured statement of work (SoW) for all FM and guarding services functions. This structure was backed by clearly defined key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLAs). By defining KPIs and SLAs before deploying the solution, G4S could ensure it had an iron-clad method of determining the level of service being provided. Deploying the solution was supported by the G4S planning team, which developed an attendance structure and the SoW for both the FM and guarding services at all the customer’s sites.


The deployment of G4S’s solution was an immediate success. G4S was able to take on many duties that the customer had previously been dealing with, which allowed the customer to focus on other needs of its facilities. The challenge of balancing management tasks that its previous vendor was unable to handle allowed the customer far more freedom to work on other internal tasks critical to its operations.

While many vendors require very hands-on involvement from the customer, G4S differentiated itself by acting as a self-sufficient management services provider. This was made possible by its years of experience and the ability to develop a tailor-made solution specific to this customer. Furthermore, G4S was able to accomplish this while staying within the customer’s budget. This was a feat made possible through careful planning that began with an information-gathering facilities visit.


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