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Mining Security in Asia

A large-scale mining corporation turned to G4S to help with safety, manpower, and operational excellence.
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The Challenges: Overview

This G4S customer is a mining corporation with operations in India and its primary objective is to harness mineral wealth through exploration and extraction. The company has been highly successful and is recognised as a state public sector undertaking (PSU) in the “Gold” category. The customer is a profitable, 100% debt-free corporation. There were a few location-specific and industrywide challenges that were faced by the customer, as underlined below:

Safety and Governance

  • There were concerns from the customer about its current service and safety quality standards of their current security providers.
  • The customer was struggling to deal with the current security providers issues of compliance, business ethics and integrity.
  • There were problems with unauthorised access, inefficient traffic, and personnel movement stemming from trucks owned by security personnel.

Manpower Quality

  • There was pressure on the company from unions to hire local people, despite their lack of qualifications.
  • For supervisory and higher roles, the customer wanted to hire only ex-army personnel.
  • The customer had a requirement to hire manpower living a minimum of 50 kilometers away.

Service and Operational Excellence

  • Due to the urgency of these issues, the customer required immediate deployment.
  • It was a major challenge to recruit, hire, and train new security staff and supply each with a PPE kit.


One of the main goals for G4S was to hire and train qualified security personnel, despite union pressure for local hires. It would require a delicate approach to alleviate this union pressure and to ensure they were meeting the customer’s hiring requirements.

The mining industry in this particular region requires companies to maintain a proven track record of safety, security and compliance. G4S was tasked with ensuring all these marks were met in order for the customer to maintain its status. This would mean guaranteeing compliance with all local regulations, providing top-notch security, and aiding in the safety of operations.


With several boxes to mark off to satisfy the customer, G4S tackled each issue one by one.

Safety and Governance

  • G4S gained an understanding of the areas of concern and set SOPs based on both the client requirements and G4S standards.
  • The G4S team acted as a liaison with local people and authorities. In this capacity, it was able to explain and maintain the security and qualification needs.
  • Trucks owned by personnel were removed.
  • Before deployment at each customer site, G4S carried out a risk, health, and safety assessment.

Manpower Quality

  • G4S hiring standards were maintained in customer consultations.
  • On-site training and online training tools were continuously provided by G4S.

Service and Operational Excellence

  • All sites were visited by G4S teams to recruit eligible staff.
  • Security gear with PPE was provided.
  • A total of 28 additional QRTs were deployed to patrol, monitor, detect, and respond to incidents.
  • Regular site and business review meetings were held.

Each element was quickly put in place to satisfy the customer’s need for expedient delivery of services.


G4S was able to provide a stable security solution despite the rough physical terrain of the customer’s mining sites. Thanks to G4S, pressure for local hires was alleviated to ensure only highly qualified personnel were brought in.

The improvement in staffing and the overall focus on safety, security, and compliance improved the customer’s operational quality across the board. This allowed the customer to acquire more mines, which G4S is also serving. To date, G4S has acquired the mandate to secure multiple locations for this mining customer in what is proving to be a successful partnership.


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