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Securing an Air Cargo Facility

A major air cargo terminal in Asia Pacific reduced security incidents and instituted a stable security team to bolster its reputation. Here’s how G4S helped make it happen.
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When it comes to the aviation industry, there are a lot of critical security regulations and requirements that must be adhered to. Brand image is critical, and any security incidents would negatively impact the facility. Due to the highly regulated nature of the aviation industry, any security incident, such as unauthorised entry, would immediately be escalated to the monitoring department for review. A full report on the incident would need to be submitted, and there is potential for the business to see a negative impact on its license, and penalties could be levied.

One of the biggest challenges in securing this customers air cargo terminal was the necessity for the security team to be experienced and knowledgeable in aviation regulations. These regulations would need to be strictly adhered to without interrupting the facility’s daily operations. G4S was brought in to assess the air cargo terminal’s needs and devise a plan to satisfy the customer’s security requirements.

The Goals

This customer had the vision to be the world’s most renowned and innovative air cargo terminal and to enhance it’s reputation as the premier logistics hub in Asia. To accomplish this goal, it was necessary to get security up to standard without affecting the day-today operations. This non-disruptive goal of the security solution implementation was highly stressed.

Another critical factor for this customer, due to aviation regulations, was to have stringent security coverage of the facility at all times. With decades of experience serving the aviation and logistics sectors, G4S took up the role to secure the entire commercial restricted area of the facility.

The Solution

The solution implemented for the air cargo terminal was the deployment of G4S’s trained and experienced security professionals. G4S put these highly trained security professionals in place at the facility. Before deployment, staff needed to complete safety and security awareness training conducted by the qualified trainers to familiarise themselves with the operations and regulations at the
cargo terminal. This ensures the security professionals can secure the commercial restricted area while performing the following security tasks:

  • Access Control - Checking valid permits, checking bags and ensuring that items leaving the site have valid delivery notes
  • Control Room - Monitoring activities around the customers site

The Results

The primary objective was to implement the new security solution without affecting the daily operations. G4S accomplished this with an eight-week transition period. By setting up a task force team to work in conjunction with the customer’s legal team, HR department, and operations representative.

With this solution in place, security was improved, operations were not disrupted, and the customer’s positive reputation can continue to flourish in the industry. The success of the solution has resulted in a two-year contract lasting through January 2023, with G4S securing 100% of the commercial restricted area for this customer.


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