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Securing Critical Information

G4S provides security to a multinational investment bank and financial services provider, ranked as one of the top ten banking providers globally. Their security services span the USA, the UK and a number of other international locations, including South East Asia and Europe.


G4S were tasked with providing best in class security to mixed-use buildings and functions including three UK London hubs, two in Dublin, the customer’s data centres plus a disaster recovery location.

As is commonplace in this sector, information security was absolutely critical together with the provision of customer facing security - with security often acting as the first interaction between customers and the bank.


Upon contract inception, the customer tasked G4S with a set of clear performance goals:

  • The delivery of a robust and comprehensive training programme to upskill security.
  • Demonstrating a self auditing programme to ensure quality security delivery.
  • Implementation of a Security Operations Analysis Centre (SOAC).
  • Counter terrorism planning.
  • UK wide bespoke recruitment to provide a fit for purpose workforce.


Together with the customer we worked on a mandate for continuous improvement (coined ‘simplify and improve’), driving our teams to deliver a ‘zero fail’ operation.

A comprehensive recognition scheme was introduced to highlight, reward and encourage high performance. The scheme is aligned with the vision and values of the bank and ensures that security is delivered in a way which is consistent with the values of our customer. Certifications for individual merits and Employee of the Month awards have rewarded staff who have put the right behaviours
into practice, ensuring morale and job satisfaction is fed through the bank and onto the bank’s customers.

Our teams onsite hold elevated levels of first aid certification (FREC 3) enabling them to respond to medical emergencies.

We have invested and built upon this training to enable our officers to deliver detailed health & safety reporting, which has greatly enhanced the bank’s Life Safety team’s offering. Since the pandemic, our team has played a primary role in the enforcement of COVID protocols and has led the bank’s efforts to ensure that their staff, customers and visitors have confidence in the safety of their workplaces.

Our scope has expanded to integrate technology into our offering, where appropriate. We have recently supplied temperature screening equipment to help reduce the risks of virus carriers entering the premises. More broadly, we act as trusted consultants, advising the Bank on security products and their possible utility for their operations.

For senior and high risk staff, our scope has also expanded to VIP protection within the global contract and neighbouring countries where required. This protection includes their operations in high threat environments.


Our innovative integrated approach has transformed our long-standing partnership and has ensured:

  • Improved operational management.
  • Reduced rates of attrition and sickness and improved staff engagement.
  • A more intelligent approach to risk management.


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