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Financial Security in Asia

A major player in the finance industry turned around a struggling security system with the help of G4S.
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A G4S customer with headquarters in Hong Kong is one of the most prestigious commercial banks in the region. As a highly successful financial institution, the bank has an immense responsibility to maintain superior security standards within its facilities.

In Hong Kong, there is also a legal requirement for all financial institutions to keep CCTV recordings for a minimum of 90 days. This particular requirement is one that the bank had begun to struggle with, due to inconsistencies with its existing security systems. On numerous occasions, the customer needed to view videos for investigations and found the required videos were missing. Not only does this impede the customer’s investigation, but it is in direct violation of the 90-day legal requirement on CCTV recording archives.

Due to this challenge and other repetitive problems, which the previous contractor could not resolve, the customer decided to tender out the maintenance service contract for their CCTV systems, followed by branch-by-branch CCTV system upgrades.


First, the critical goal was to implement a more reliable CCTV system. G4S would need to ensure recordings were maintained for at least 90 days in order to satisfy the customer’s requirements. This would aid in more efficient and thorough incident investigations for the customer and would guarantee it would not be at risk of fines or penalties due to noncompliance.

G4S also had the objective of implementing its new system without interrupting daily operations or interfering with the existing CCTV system until the final solution was fully installed. This would require the upgrades to be rolled out in phases rather than completely stripping the old system and replacing it with the new one all at once.


G4S won the tender and took over the maintenance as well as the subsequent upgrades. Although the brands of cameras and VMS have been selected by the Bank before tendering, G4S introduced an additional health check system to ensure the bank can be alerted before disasters happen. When incidents like hard disk failures, power level drops, UPS failures, camera signals lost etc. are detected, the customer would be notified accordingly to take immediate action.

In addition, in order to ensure that our engineers were familiar with the dedicated VMS system, sufficient training sessions had been immediately arranged and the relevant qualifications received.


At this time, the project is still ongoing, so final results are not yet available. However, G4S has been able to check the systems thoroughly to ensure all recordings are available and without issue. This provides the customer with a strong reassurance that it will no longer be in danger of failing to meet legal obligations with its CCTV system.

This particular banking customer has incredibly high standards and requires quick responses, which G4S has been able to meet them on, every step of the way. The bank was particularly encouraged and impressed with G4S’s ability to introduce the health check system to ensure the Bank can be alerted before disasters happen. The transition to G4S has also resulted in the customer always receiving timely responses to service requests, and G4S has provided regular detailed service reports after checking that all CCTVs have adequate recordings. G4S’s ability to meet the project’s timeline while providing superior service won the trust of the customer.


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