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Innovative Solutions for a Tech Giant

This high-tech company needed a security partner who could provide modern technology solutions to its security systems.G4S stepped up to the challenge.
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The Challenges: Overview

One of G4S’s customers is a multinational IT corporation with locations around the world. The hightech company focuses on innovative technologies including, but not limited to, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and IT infrastructure.

G4S has been providing security guarding services for the customer’s locations in India for some time. More recently, the two companies entered into another contract, as the customer had been looking to use G4S’s technical know-how to upgrade from strictly guarding to an integrated security solution.

The customer has a strong emphasis on zero compromise when it comes to technology-led security solutions compliance, thus it had a specific need for a security partner that can provide service under these terms. The customer was looking for a security partner to help with the following challenges:

  • Obsolescence Management: Experience with AMAG and other ELV systems was a must in a security partner to aid in obsolescence management.
  • CCTV and Surveillance Upgrade: The customer had a challenge with existing CCTV systems to bring surveillance up to standard.
  • COVID setbacks: Setbacks with COVID accelerated the timeline for the customer’s requirement of its AMAG migration nationally. A security partner would need to be able to operate on this accelerated timeline.
  • Service Management Tool Execution: G4S would need to manage and track service SLAs to overcome service gaps and provide a consistent customer experience. This would require mastery of the service management tool Cogent.

An additional challenge G4S would face is the customer’s requirement of 100% uptime of systems. This would require G4S to lean heavily on its experience in security technology and it would need
diligent, ongoing maintenance.


As G4S had already been providing satisfactory security guarding services for the customer, the goals for the newer contract were highly focused on implementing, maintaining, and upgrading the technology used in the security systems.

The following goals were established for G4S to meet the customer’s needs:

  • Efficiently manage controllers and ensure safe access to employees, visitors, and their business partners.
  • The secure business continuity framework would need to be secured to provide a safe workplace, particularly for the safety of female employees.
  • G4S would need to ensure 100% uptime of any systems implemented by diligently maintaining all safety and security systems.
  • The customer’s current systems would need to be upgraded to prevent obsolescence.

These goals provided G4S a solid foundation to base its decisions on during the process of developing an adequate solution.


G4S implemented tailor-made solutions for this highprofile customer to meet its unique requirements and support its existing security guarding services. The primary solution was to upgrade and enhance technology already in place. G4S retrofitted and maintained safety and security systems that included:

  • Access control system
  • CCTV
  • Periphery surveillance and protection systems
  • Visitor management solutions, including AMAG systems

These system upgrades were rolled out quickly and efficiently to provide a seamless transition during the upgrade process. All the systems put in place would provide a safe workplace and would carefully monitor access to the premises. 


The project was highly successful, as the customer was satisfied with G4S’s fast turnaround and ability to customise solutions to fit very specific needs. The customer gained a high level of trust in G4S’s capabilities, which resulted in its approval to implement an additional fire alarm monitoring system. This was a key indicator of the success of the project, as a level of trust in the partnership was attained.

G4S’s demonstration that it could cover all the customer’s security needs was a major factor in the project’s success. The customer had been searching for a security company with wide-ranging capabilities to fulfill all requirements, rather than bringing in multiple companies with differing specialisations.


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