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Securing an Oil and Gas Leader in Indonesia

A highly successful company in Indonesia’s oil and gas industry partnered with G4S to convert its security guarding security team into a technology-driven integrated security solution.
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The Challenges: Overview

One of G4S’s customers is a world-class company in Batam, Indonesia. The company provides services, such as manufacturing and repair of tools and equipment for the oil and gas industry. The company is highly successful and has been listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange for over 30 years.

With business booming, the customer was in a good position financially but had concerns over its security programme. Prior to G4S’s involvement, the customer’s premises was protected by security guarding alone, with no electronic security solutions in place. It found this to be somewhat limited and was looking to bring its security operations into the 21st century. In addition, the customer had found that its previous security company was not always in compliance with regulations. The customer brought G4S on board in 2021 to help transition from 100% security guarding to a modern integrated security solution.


The customer’s primary motivation was to reduce security vulnerabilities by enhancing its security with electronic solutions. This would be a more thorough means of securing the facility, as security guarding can’t possibly cover 100% of the location. Technology solutions tend to catch things that an on-site guards may not notice, regardless of qualifications and abilities.

Secondarily, the customer wanted more efficiency in managing its security budget. The 100% security guarding solution it had previously been using required a lot of manpower, and this had become expensive. The goal was to take advantage of integrated security systems to reduce the overall headcount of security personnel, thus decreasing its annual security budget. In order to see a reduced annual security budget in the ensuing years, the aim was to make an initial investment upfront to get a new security system in place.


While technology is a critical part of any truly effective integrated security solution, some degree of security guarding is still a necessity for incident response and further on-site monitoring. Therefore, G4S deployed guards on-site, supporting the electronic solutions in place. The critical element to the new guard deployment was to ensure personnel were highly trained on International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) regulations to alleviate the compliance issues faced by the previous security company.

G4S implemented these additional electronic elements:

  • Access Control - An electronic system was put in place to protect access to only those authorised for entry.
  • Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) - CCTV cameras were placed throughout the site to add visibility to all high-risk areas and to allow real-time monitoring.
  • Visitor Management System - A system was put in place to track non-employee visitors coming and going from the site.
  • On-Site Command Centre - A command centre was set up on-site for all security activities to run through, including CCTV monitoring.

Both security guarding and technology systems began rollout in October 2021 and were completely installed within approximately two months.


The primary goal to upgrade security to a more modern solution was a huge success. With the previous security system being 100% security guarding, the inclusion of multiple technologies and a dedicated onsite security command centre completely modernised the customer’s security solution. This means the customer’s facility is more highly secured than ever, with security risks greatly reduced. The customer was also looking for a solution that would allow for more efficient use and a reduction of its security budget. While installing new systems comes with an upfront investment, it’s clear that the customer’s security budget will be reduced moving forward.

Furthermore, the security personnel deployed by G4S was ISPS Code certified, ensuring the customer’s new security team would always be in compliance with local and international regulations.


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