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Securing Success

An energy solutions manufacturer based in Europe, had a few security challenges it faced prior to entering in a partnership with G4S.
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An energy solutions manufacturer based in Europe, had a few security challenges it faced prior to entering in a partnership with G4S. For a successful company, these challenges could not be left unaddressed any longer. Driven by both desire and necessity, this company turned to G4S with a set of goals to tighten up its security systems whilst decreasing its overall costs.

  • Staff theft was an issue.
  • There were errors in transport registration.
  • Passages were blocked by unneeded and unused vehicles on the premises.
  • The security system was outdated, and replacement parts were challenging to find.
  • General security sitewide needed a boost.

The Goals

G4S had already handled guard activities for this company before the project, and the working relationship was strong. The customer was happy with the service that G4S was providing, but wanted to discuss a plan to improve the systems in place and add a focus on reducing the security expense.

The primary objective was cost reduction, as the current system was outdated, and it was an expense that didn't fit into the company's required budget. An improvement of security would also decrease expenses caused by theft and poorly structured logistics. Also critical to the project would be increased plant safety by improving communication systems and removing unneeded vehicles, which caused safety concerns.

G4S set out to devise a solution that would put the customer's mind at ease on the safety front while also falling within budget. The targeted measure was to decrease TCO, and this was the metric by which the project's success would be judged.

The Solution

G4S opted to use an operating expense (OPEX) formula in its proposal of the integrated security solution. A difficult undertaking such as this one required a highly analytical approach. OPEX was the chosen method of analytics due to the critical aim of reducing TCO for the customer.

G4S implemented several solutions that worked in unison to improve security at a substantially lowered cost. These were the steps taken to put the carefully considered plan into action:

  • A camera shield was installed to surround the site, along with magnetic contacts on the exterior doors.
  • Registration and transport processing was automated through a kiosk.
  • Active traffic follow-up with an Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system was put into action.
  • A policy was put in place for the management of intervention and crisis teams using a pager system.
  • A fully equipped control room was installed, where a centralised control guard would act as the single point of contact for all issues related to security. This decision would lead to more efficiency in communication.

All these security measures are integrated into one streamlined interface with G4S Atlas. By combining these security measures into one cohesive solution, G4S met the precise requirements for this customer.

The Results

The project began in December 2019 with the initial planning phase, and by March 2021, the G4S integrated solution was entirely in place and fully operational. All this was accomplished despite a temporary closure of the plant due to COVID-19 in 2020.

The customer's primary metric for determining whether its security solution requirements were being met was a targeted decrease in TCO. Installation and operational costs of the security system would need to reduce TCO adequately to satisfy the needs for the project to be considered a success.

The project was indeed successful, as TCO was lowered by more than 100K€ over five years. This result satisfied the customer's needs financially while also providing it with a superior integrated security system to protect its assets and employees. Due to the overwhelming success of this project, G4S saw its contract with this company extended for a minimum of five more years, with a hope of continuing the relationship well beyond that.


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