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Security by the Lake

An Indonesian-based aqua farm was struggling with theft across its locations. Here’s how G4S tightened up security and protected the company’s assets.
A clear lake reflecting the blue sky

The Challenges: Overview

One of the interesting customers G4S serves is an aqua farm located on a freshwater lake in North Sumatra, Indonesia. The company was founded with the intention to grow a successful business while helping less fortunate residents of the region by providing job opportunities. This allowed many local residents to earn a living when they previously had little opportunity to do so.

The company was highly successful in its tilapia business, thanks to the fresh, clean water of the lake that was perfect for the fish to thrive. Due to the company’s overwhelming success, they would eventually expand into both Honduras and Mexico.

While business was strong and thriving, the aqua farm had long dealt with equipment theft. Due to the large area in which the customer’s operations run, it was a challenge to thoroughly monitor the entire space. The customer discovered that the previous security vendor was unsatisfactory, so the aqua farm sought a change. The aqua farm company contracted G4S to take over security operations and to put an end to the rampant theft issues that had been hobbling an otherwise successful business.


The customer’s real pain point was the theft of its assets, so its primary goal was to improve monitoring of the area to prevent theft. The company operates in a large space, so G4S would need a way to get full surveillance of this open, outdoor area. Due to the location, traditional power sources were not readily available, so alternative energy sources would need to be considered.

G4S would also help the customer manage its budget by reducing the number of security personnel needed. This could only be accomplished through implementing a form of electronic security to supplement any security guarding.


G4S decided on an approach that included limited security guarding, with several creative technology choices for additional security. The key components to this integrated security solution included the following:

  • Solar-Powered IDS CCTV – Due to the lack of readily available power sources, G4S chose to implement a camera system powered purely by solar energy. These cameras would cover a large surface area of the customer’s operations.
  • Underwater Drones – Much of the customer’s equipment is underwater and used by divers. So, to keep an eye on things below the surface, G4S chose to use some high-tech and innovative underwater drones.
  • Sky Patrol Drones – In addition to the underwater drones, sky patrol drones were used just above the surface of the lake to get a full 360-degree view of the area.
  • Site Command Centre – A command centre was installed on-site for monitoring of cameras and for all things security to run through.

This security solution had one primary objective of covering a large space with little manpower, so it was critical to use multiple types of surveillance.


G4S rolled out its integrated security solution at the first site in September 2021, and it has proceeded to install the systems across four other customer sites since. The chosen security system turned out to be the perfect solution for the area and for the customer’s type of operation. Between the CCTV system, the drones, and the limited security guarding, theft has been largely minimised,
which has had a positive impact on the customer’s bottom line. Security vulnerabilities are greatly reduced, providing the customer with peace of mind that its assets are safe.

G4S’s solution has also helped the customer manage its budget more efficiently, thanks to the reduction of manpower that was possible due to the electronic security choices. The upfront investment in technology continues to save the customer money going forward, both through the protection of assets and a reduced security personnel budget.


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