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Supporting the Public Sector with Integrated Security

Providing a complex integrated security solution across 780 locations in the UK for a public sector customer with a large nationwide portfolio.


In 2018, G4S was awarded a five year contract to supply a technology enabled security contract to a major Government organisation that delivers a range of public services to around 20 million claimants and customers across 780 properties throughout the United Kingdom. As one of the largest UK contracts of its kind, G4S were asked to operate with some clear objectives, including to:

  • Deliver best in class public customer service.
  • Adopt a risk based approach to security design.
  • Optimise contract spend across security as whole incorporating personnel and systems.
  • Provide Proactive security delivery using historic and predictive information.
  • Use Real Time information to accelerate incident response.
  • Optimise carbon footprint by minimising unnecessary travel.

The customer challenged G4S to transform traditional security delivery using technology and migrate to a proactive risk based security model, using technology to drive intelligence. The transformation project was to be undertaken with spend optimisation at the core. In addition, security delivery had to be customised on a site by site basis according to the varied risk profile present due to the diverse nature of the customer estate which included a traditional head office and high street facilities over 780 locations.


Operating in close collaboration with the customer, we identified some clear objectives:

  • Provide centralised security operations - to facilitate a more intelligent approach to security and eliminate unnecessary travel.
  • Deliver best in class public services - to ensure a safe and secure environment for the public attending the customer's premises.
  • Integrate technology and personnel - to deliver the best possible security service.


Having assessed the customers’ needs and after careful analysis, it was decided that the most effective solution needed the combination of expertise, security professionals, technology and data analytics, to help manage the security risks and enhance value for the customer.


  • Up to 3,000 site based trained security professionals.
  • Random and scheduled mobile security professionals.
  • Mobile incident response.
  • Surge security professionals.
  • Remote system technicians.


  • Bespoke individualised risk assessments, driving security composition.


  • Video surveillance.
  • Intruder alarms.
  • Fire detection alarms.
  • Ingress and egress access control.
  • Visitor management.
  • Bodyworn cameras.

The Solution

  • Reduces the number of contractors attending site.
  • Supports carbon footprint reduction objectives.
  • Provides clear accountability for systems performance.
  • Optimises all expenditure.
  • Adopts a single planned preventative maintenance schedule for fire and security equipment across the estate.
  • Improves service performance through a greater geographic footprint of engineers.


Through the centralised solution, the customer is able to:

Simplify the supply chain

By consolidating systems maintenance to a single provider, engineers take ownership for multiple elements of the security and fire systems. This brings a number of benefits.

Access a more proactive security service

The new systems provide the ability to recognise an individual entering the building and observe individuals within Public Waiting Areas (PWAs). This helps alert security to potential issues and ensures greater intelligence in the security delivery. Occupancy levels are monitored in real time to prevent over crowding and ensure physical distancing.

Benefit from best in class frontline security delivery

The systems provide the security officers with real time access to the central support functions together with quicker visibility of issues as and when they occur through the use of Private Mobile Radio.

Receive consolidated, real time incident information

The centralised systems facilitate immediate notification should a local incident or alarm occur. This provides the customer with centralised visibility and a faster response as and when security incidents occur.

Access real time management information

Private Mobile Radio provides access for frontline staff to online forms, documentation and processes. Real time management information facilitates emergency tactical response but also importantly, allows for account wide strategic decisions which will shape the security delivery moving forwards.

Create a safer environment

In addition, the replacement systems have contributed to a safer environment for staff and customers. New fire alarm systems, monitored by the G4S team are integrated with Intruder Detection System (IDS) and Access Control, these have enabled us to ensure that doors are automatically opened in the event of a fire situation without activating the intruder alarm.

A permanent connection to the G4S monitoring facility also enables G4S to monitor alarm activations and either contact the Security Officer on their smart device or notify the Emergency Services accordingly.


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