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Delivering Superior Service in Kenya

A Kenya-based leader in humanitarian activities met donor expectations of on-time logistics by partnering with G4S.
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As one of the leading organisations for humanitarian activities in Kenya, this G4S customer is making a difference across the country.

Its solutions revolve around creating a devolved system of government while addressing the needs of population groups that are often viewed as vulnerable in Kenya - especially women, children, and youth. The customer strives to solve issues of infectious disease, non-communicable disease, disaster management, and much more.

However, the customer’s aim to create a healthier Kenya came while facing a major logistics issue. With a large volume of test specimens to be transported, there was a need for a logistics partner with the resources to support its initiatives.

Adding another challenge was the need for a solution that was both efficient and cost-effective. With the customer’s operations largely based on the contributions of donors, the cost-effectiveness would, of course, need to satisfy both the customer and its donors. 


The customer had a frequent need for various test specimens to be delivered in an urgent manner, so the first goal was to provide the means for guaranteed same-day, next-day, and on-demand deliveries. This means always having sufficient resources to effectively mobilise as needed. This goal would require great flexibility to deliver in the shortest timeframe possible.

Additionally, the customer required a logistics partner with the resources necessary to handle the storage and management of its inventory. This would require a farreaching network for access to storage facilities in addition to the courier fleet. The final goal was to keep costs affordable to remain within its strict budget and to satisfy its donors.


G4S would implement a plan consisting of several components working together to achieve the customer’s goals:

  • Logistics Vehicles - G4S devoted dedicated logistics vehicles and security professionals to deliver the customer’s packages to various sites and offices across Kenya. This would be critical to ensuring vehicles are always available and ready when needed.
  • Proof of Delivery - To provide the customer with peace of mind and ensure staff was always kept up to date, the G4S online tracking platform would be used to provide proof of delivery. By having proof of delivery, the customer would always be aware of when a critical package has reached its destination.
  • Inventory Storage - G4S would also tap into its wide network of storage service centres. By providing this service, inventory could be strategically stored in convenient locations across the country.
  • Stock and Inventory Management - G4S offered to provide its technical expertise to manage the customer’s stock and inventory across various locations.
  • Guaranteed Delivery - Due to possessing the necessary resources, G4S was able to commit to same-day, next-day, and off-hours delivery by using its distribution network.
  • Centralised Billing - G4S was able to offer centralised billing across the respective counties.
  • Project Team With Team Leader - For complicated logistics to run smoothly, G4S would need to assemble a skilled team with an extremely capable leader.

With this plan in place, the customer was satisfied to move forward with G4S’s proposal to get started immediately.


The customer was satisfied that G4S was able to provide a tailor-made solution to fit its specific needs, and ultimately, the 18-month project was a huge success.

Deliveries were consistently on time, thanks to the dedicated fleet of logistics vehicles and the highly qualified delivery personnel. The prioritisation of efficiency was achieved with G4S’s extensive footprint across Kenya, as they were able to use the conveniently located storage facilities. This allowed the customer’s stock and inventory to always be in close proximity to its various sites and offices.

Most importantly, the customer’s donors were completely satisfied with G4S’s performance. The customer was able to assure other donors that it had a professional and reliable logistics partner that can always deliver on time and in full. This was the most critical goal, and the success of the entire project ultimately hinged on donor satisfaction.

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