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Food Defense in Denmark

A large Danish nationwide food manufacturer had a few gaps in its security service standards which caused operational issues and instability. G4S was called upon to boost its security and implement the customer’s new food defense strategy.
A male pastry chef preparing desserts in a workstation


Toms Gruppen A/S is a well-known Danish chocolate and candy manufacturer with two large factories just outside of Copenhagen. Nearly a decade ago, G4S provided security services for Toms before the customer chose to go in another direction and switched services to one of G4S’s largest competitors.

When it comes to security, Toms has exceptionally high standards and places a large emphasis on security guarding at its two large-scale production facilities. The company also has an eye for efficiency and had formulated an idea of implementing a new food defense strategy in the interest of eliminating production disruptions. The challenge of implementing this new heightened security programme caused Toms to seek out a new security supplier that could meet its quality requirements while also being price competitive. This search resulted in a re-engagement with G4S.

During re-engagement, it was discovered that G4S would have the additional challenge of rectifying a number of security flaws that had been discovered in the previous security supplier’s system.


The first goal was to ensure all security vulnerabilities in the existing system were identified and that a plan would be put in place to correct them. This would take precedence, as expanding and building on a flawed system still leaves holes in the system that could be exploited.

Toms had a vision of using elements of the current security system and expanding them to meet the needs of the new food defense strategy. This would mean creating custom solutions that use the existing system as a base, which would cut back on expenses compared to replacing the entire system.

To satisfy the customer’s requirements, G4S also needed to be highly conscious of the security budget. Toms had a goal of lowering both the cost of ownership and decreasing the long-term operating costs of the new security solution. With these goals in mind, G4S set out to devise a tailormade solution that would meet the client’s requirements from both a quality and cost perspective.


G4S decided that the best solution would be to secure the perimeter of the production facilities. This was predominantly done using technology in order to reduce guard headcount, which would help reduce security costs. The perimeter security system used Toms’ existing intrusion alarm system in order to cut costs further. The intrusion alarm system was just one component of the perimeter security solution, along with:

  • Upgraded CCTV setup
  • Thermal cameras
  • PTZ cameras
  • Horn speakers
  • Upgraded readers on the access control system

G4S also supplemented the electronic security system with security guarding, but at a significantly reduced level from the previous solution.

The new system helped reduce costs in the long run but resulted in higher upfront investment. To help Toms remain under budget, G4S offered a flexible financing model in which Toms would pay the cost over a three-year period. This would result in a significant decrease in upfront cost with a reasonable operational expenditure over three years. This solution would ensure that security costs were cut dramatically after the financing period ended.


G4S was able to meet the customer’s expectations from both a quality and cost perspective. The new system provided a modern solution without breaking the bank, thanks to the decision to build on some existing elements, such as the intrusion alarm system.

Due to the perimeter security system and access control system, G4S was able to significantly reduce the presence of security guards at the facilities. Rather than security guarding for a full 15 hours every workday, a reduced staff would only be needed on-site for welcoming employees and visitors during business hours. This reduction significantly lowered operational costs. G4S’s flexibility and quality of service won back Toms’ business. The new contract began in May 2022 and will last for 36 months.


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