Protecting Chemicals
at Synthomer’s Operational Centre in Czech Republic

Polymer Image

The Sokolov region in western Czech Republic, not far from the German border, is home to an operational centre for the British chemical industries company Synthomer, one of the world’s foremost suppliers of water based polymers.

Synthomer’s polymers are used to manufacture many everyday products: from the medical gloves used by your doctor and dentist, the sound damping in cars, to the backing of carpets in your office.

As with any site where chemicals are stored and used, security is a top priority and the G4S team in the Czech Republic has recently revamped the entire security solution at the site to give the best protection to Synthomer’s staff, property and other important assets.

Strong measures to prevent unauthorized entry into the perimeter and to key buildings within the site were essential

Pavel Nerheš, G4S Project Development Manager in the Czech Republic

Risk-based approach

“G4S always takes a risk-based approach with our security solutions” explains Pavel Nerheš, G4S Project Development Manager in the Czech Republic. “We visit the site and carry out a thorough risk assessment, and then we design a tailored integrated security solution for our customer based on their unique risks and assets that they need to protect.”

There are a number of risks and threats to consider when preparing the security for a chemical site.

“Strong measures to prevent unauthorised entry into the perimeter and to key buildings within the site were essential” said Pavel.  “You have to consider the assets that are held on site that you do not want to fall into the wrong hands, such as important technology that is used in the chemical manufacturing process, as well as further restricting access to high hazard zones within the site.”

As part of the new integrated security solution, G4S redesigned the perimeter security for the site, which covers a large 4km2 area, with cameras with video analytic functionality and new IP speaker systems. The cameras automatically detect potential intruders and instantly send information to the on-site security operation centre where G4S mobile patrol officers, who are permanently on site with patrol vehicles, can quickly respond.


In any risk assessment for chemical sites the threats that have to be considered include terrorist attacks and organised crime attacks. “We have highly trained security officers located throughout the site, we’ve installed new mechanical barriers in key areas, and our new guest kiosks (Visitor Management System) at entrance sites ensure strict access control and recording of any vehicles and visitors.” said Pavel.  

“This means that Synthomer can have confidence that we always know who is on site, and that we can quickly respond to any threats or incidents.”

G4S will also carry out annual risk assessments of the site and security solution for Synthomer to ensure that it remains as effective as possible in protecting the site and employees from evolving threats.

Milan Brejchal, Synthomer Site Manager, said: “Security is very important to us because of the high potential for security and safety risks at a site like ours. We would like to thank G4S for their professional approach. As a result of their expert risk assessments and installations the integrated security system on site optimises our current measures, mitigates risks and helps us to create a more secure environment for our employees.”
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