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Civilian Police International LLC (CPI) Awarded the Rule of Law and Justice Advisors Portion of Iraqi Civilian Advisor Support Task Order

G4S announced today that the U.S. Department of State has notified Civilian Police International LLC that it was awarded the Rule of Law and justice Advisors portion of Iraqi Civilian Advisor Support task order.
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The Rule of Law and Justice Advisors task order is a two year contract worth approximately $74 million (USD).

CPI was notified to begin a 60 day transition starting 1 May 2008 with full performance starting 1 July 2008.

CPI is a Joint Venture Company owned and operated by MPRI, AECOM and Wackenhut Services Incorporated, a G4S subsidiary. CPI is located in Leesburg, Virginia and provides the Department of State unique police advisory, law enforcement mentoring, training and support capabilities used by countries worldwide.

In addition to the Iraqi contract, CPI has Department of State task orders to provide over 200 police advisors/mentors in Kosovo and counternarcotic advisory teams to Afghanistan.

CPI has also operated the Jordanian International Police Training Center, sent police advisors to Macedonia and law enforcement and corrections mentors to Haiti.

CPI has provided the Department of State outstanding police advisory services, training capability and logistical support since 2003.