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Statement Regarding the Sale of G4S Israel

G4S notes and rejects comments by the BDS movement and anti-Israel pressure groups claiming that their actions have caused the G4S group to sell G4S Israel
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G4S reiterates that it does not support the anti-Israel boycott by BDS or any other group. 

The decision to sell G4S Israel was made on strategic and commercial grounds as part of a portfolio management programme established by the company in 2013. Under its portfolio programme G4S has sold or identified for sale 65 businesses which have combined revenues of £1.6 billion.
G4S also rejects BDS comments relating to the conduct of business by G4S Israel. As numerous independent reviews have confirmed, G4S Israel operates to the highest business standards. G4S Israel is a well-managed business that will grow and prosper under the right new owner, providing a positive future for our 8,000 colleagues in Israel and long-term service and support for our customers.