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G4S White Ribbon Accreditation

G4S Australia & New Zealand is proud to announce that it is now a White Ribbon Accredited Workplace.

G4S Australia & New Zealand is proud to announce that it is now a White Ribbon Accredited
Workplace. Over the past 18 months, G4S Australia & New Zealand has taken active steps, and
driven best practice, to help prevent and respond to violence against women.

“White Ribbon Australia and G4S are aligned in their vision of an Australia where women can live
in safety free from violence and abuse. As the first security firm to achieve accreditation as a
White Ribbon Workplace, G4S are talking the talk and acknowledging that the health and
wellbeing of employees at home affects their health and wellbeing at work. Their commitment to
driving positive social change is exemplary.” said Libby Davies, CEO of White Ribbon Australia.
The White Ribbon accreditation programme is in its third year and the current cohort sees G4S
Australia & New Zealand joining 14 other prominent Australian businesses to be granted the

“Almost two years ago we came to understand that domestic violence is not just a personal
issue, it is a workplace issue as well” said G4S Australia, New Zealand Managing Director, Dennis
Roach. “We felt that as an organisation with a diverse workforce, it was our responsibility to lead
the way and therefore we joined with White Ribbon in the belief that we need to make violence
against women a men’s issue too.”

G4S Australia & New Zealand creates safer communities and advocates a safe workplace that
promotes respectful relationships. Training is a key example of one of the ways to achieve this
and G4S have delivered training to all senior managers with all-staff training to follow.
Additionally G4S have introduced a Domestic and Family Violence policy which offers practical
support and paid leave for employees who are victims of domestic violence. An Employee
Assistance Provider has also been engaged to provide additional support services to staff and
immediate family members.

“We are committed to the health and wellbeing of all our employees. We cannot ignore the
statistics and we want to make sure that G4S as an organisation can be trusted to support
the brave steps taken by our people as needed” said Mr Roach. “Over the next three years, our
aim is to continue to create a safer and more respectful workplace, supporting employees across
all spheres as well as contributing to a national cultural change in the hope to prevent and
respond to violence against women.”

As part of the world’s leading integrated security company, G4S Australia & New Zealand works
in partnership with governments, businesses and other organisations to provide security
solutions across all Care & Justice sectors including; Custodial Management, Court Security,
Prisoner Transport and Electronic Monitoring.

For more information about the White Ribbon Australia Workplace Accreditation Program or
White Ribbon Australia’s campaign to prevent men’s violence against women, visit