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G4S Risk Consulting releases Global Forecast for H2 2019

The Global Forecast, a key summary of global conditions published by G4S Risk Consulting’s Intelligence & Advisory Services Team, predicts increasing tension between major world powers.
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In the first weeks of 2019, G4S Risk Consulting’s Intelligence and Advisory Services predicted a rise in citizenship - people being more proactive in their national discourse to determine the type of future they want - in the first half of the year. 

Before protests in Hong Kong, Sudan, and Russia, and prolonged campaigns driven by political polarisation and single issues such as climate change, expert analysts published the G4S Global Forecast 2019, identifying key issues and likely trends that have since materialised. 

In the second half of 2019, the trade war between the US and China and security challenges spanning from Iran and Afghanistan to Venezuela and North Korea, are likely to increase tension as the year progresses, as US attention is diverted across several fronts. 
Increasing tension and regional insecurity mean the world is growing more challenging for businesses, governments, non-governmental organisations and individuals
Faraz Nasir, Head of Intelligence & Advisory Services at G4S Risk Consulting

“There has never been a more important time to take advantage of G4S’s global footprint and on-the-ground networks in more than 90 countries to provide incisive insight and strategic advice to those working in challenging, unfamiliar or opaque markets.”

To read the H2 2019 Global Forecast report, click here

The Global Forecast is one of the tools G4S Risk Consulting uses to support long-standing clients, prospective customers and G4S businesses around the world. First launched in January 2015, the half yearly publication provides a snapshot of some of the analytical tools that underpin G4S’s wider services. This is all part of helping customers identify, assess and mitigate the threats to their business.