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Embassy officers praised after helping employee struck by car

G4S Costa Rica Security Officers

On 26 May 2022, security officer Bryan Campos, who has been with G4S for nearly six years, was on duty at the U.S. embassy in Costa Rica when he witnessed a reversing vehicle hit an embassy employee.

His training kicked in and he knew he would need help. As he has been deployed at the U.S. embassy since October 2019, officer Campos knew exactly what precautions he would need to make and how to raise the alarm.

Whilst alerting other colleagues to what had happened, security supervisor Junior Hernandez, who has worked at the embassy since he joined G4S almost nine years ago, joined Campos in rushing to the scene.

Both men swiftly provided assistance and first aid to the employee. They also alerted the reversing driver to their actions, called an ambulance and controlled the traffic until the paramedics arrived. 

Luckily the employee has since made a full recovery from her injuries.

An Embassy representative praised both officers: "I want to highlight how well G4S responded to this situation. Your team did so much in protecting the victim in the street, calling for medical help, and executing your responsibilities with the utmost care and professionalism. Bryan…my hats off to you for noticing the danger and warning the staff…you immediately ran over to provide assistance to the victim.”

Gustavo Paguaga, Country Manager for G4S in Costa Rica, added: “Officers Campos and Hernandez put the safety and care of the victim above their own, rushing into the road to provide first aid. We are incredibly proud of them and it’s great to see that the U.S. embassy in Costa Rica has recognized their actions.”

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