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G4S-Bhubesi Pride Foundation Partnership in Africa

This is the G4S Africa Region’s fifth year in partnering with the Bhubesi Pride Foundation, a development through sport initiative and G4S’s premier pan-African CSR project.
bhubesi pride

Giving back to the local community through Bhubesi Pride Foundation is a key component of our Corporate Social Responsibility commitment each year. 
Edith Kigonya, Human Resources Manager, G4S Secure Solutions (Uganda)
G4S provides in-country support to the project by delivering a range of health and safety talks, career talks, life-skill talks, environmental talks, logistical support, guarding services and the distribution of refreshments. The initiative matches our company values, as well as our key CSR objectives.

Since G4S came on-board as the lead partner of the Bhubesi Pride Foundation in 2015, the partnership has grown from strength to strength. In 2016, the partnership touched the lives of more than 3600 children (boys and girls) from 53 schools in 9 African countries. 

More than 330 G4S employees dedicated over 6800 hours (volunteer and pro-bono) of their time to support activities that were offered alongside the official rugby coaching. Each participating country boosted their work alongside the Bhubesi Pride Foundation, by initiating a community legacy project (ranging from donating library books, environmental projects, securing schools/community centers etc.), which further elevated the sustainability of the partnership.
When G4S employees are able to come out to help coordinate a community coaching week or a tournament day, it helps them appreciate more about G4S and the work the organisation does to support the local community. It means so much to all of us
Yvette Miyoma, Marketing and Communications Specialist, G4S Kenya
bhubesi pride
Over 190 G4S employees attended a value-driven Bhubesi workshop in order to become better leaders in their local communities. Project work engrossed the keen interest of the media and was supported by an increased number of customers, NGOs and local authorities. G4S’s contribution, both in-cash and in-kind, was calculated at approximately £112,000 for the six-month tour.

In 2017, G4S will again support the program in Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Mozambique. This will be our 5th year in supporting the programme.